Miroslav Palanský

I am an economist and a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the CORPTAX group at the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague, and I work as a data scientist for the Tax Justice Network.

My research is mainly on topics in international corporate tax abuse, tax havens, financial secrecy, corruption, and public procurement. Through my research, I aim to help in the ongoing fight against corruption, tax abuse, financial secrecy, and inefficiency of the public sector.

I teach the undergraduate courses Principles of Economics I and II and Public Finance and the graduate course Public Economics. I hold a PhD in Economics from Charles University and a Master’s in Econometrics from Aix-Marseille School of Economics. I occasionally work as an analyst for Econlab, a public data analytics NGO based in Prague, mostly on the PolitickeFinance.cz project, and consult for Datlab, a private IT company, on public procurement data, mostly related to the Digiwhist project.


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